Monday, January 18, 2010

Important Notice on The Melting Pot & Twilight Farmers Market

Please note that the The Melting Pot Ownership is pushing back the Grand Opening Party, now set for Monday, January 25th! While, rainy-nights are perfect for romantic dinners (see the blog post below), they are not perfect when you have Grand Opening events that are so enormous that you spill out with hundreds of guests into the outdoor courtyard areas!

However, our dining experience at this new restaurant can go on just as planned as the restaurant is now open to the public.

And due to this unusual weather of constant rain, the Citadelle Plaza Ownership has cancelled the Twilight Farmers Market this week as well. The farmers and vendors will be back next week.

Oasis personal training facility is also pushing back his Grand Re-Opening celebration until next Wednesday, January 25th, 4-7 PM when the weather is a little nicer!

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Rain and the Best Romantic Dinner Options In Arizona

I don't know about you, but I love rain! I love rainy days. I dress casually and I sit in front of my computer and the writing just seems to flow so nicely. But the best thing is going out to dinner with my husband on a rainy night! It has to be one of the most romantic things a couple can do together!

Living in the Phoenix area, most of us rarely get to experience the rainy night-dinners like those people do from Seattle or Boston. I think this is our week when the rain plans to come down for several days in a row, so get out your "reservation fingers" and dial one of these two numbers:

1) Tutti Santi ristorante by Nina
623- 566-1582

The Italians know how to make you feel warm and special. From the moment you walk into the door at Tutti Santi's, you are greeted like family. They hug you and shake your hand and invite you into their restaurant like they would their own grandmother. Each course is lovingly brought to your table. I love to try new Italian wines at the suggestions of the knowledgeable wait staff here, at Tutti Santi's. I am partial to the Americana white pizza but on occasions, I splurge with their veal cannelloni. It's divine! On a rainy night, I won't skip dessert, either.

2) The Melting Pot

Does any other restaurant in America know how to do the romantic-rainy-night dinner better than The Melting Pot? I don't think so! The Melting Pot opens in the Citadelle Plaza this week and I think they called up Mother Nature and requested this special weather for their Opening Week! If you have never experienced this restaurant, I highly suggest to make the reservation call ASAP. It's a warm and comfortable atmosphere, where you sit in booths and relax as the wait staff brings you several courses of food using fondue pots. Cooking your meal with these pots, you anticipate the delicious food as it slowly cooks in front of you. The smells are wonderful. Of course, you cannot miss their famous chocolate fondue dessert. Dipping fruit and pound cake into the most sumptuous and warm chocolate is simply the best way to end the evening!

You can go to either of their websites and make your reservations online, too! They sure make it easy these days. And of course there is more information on the Citadelle Plaza website about our two special and romantic restaurants. Or, follow me on Twitter for specials at or be my friend on Facebook at 'Citadelle Plaza'. We like to keep you well-informed about all the exciting news that occurs at this beautiful shopping plaza.

Both restaurants are nestled in the center of the courtyard at the Citadelle Plaza. Parking is available right behind both of these restaurants. But don't park TOO close. Part of the fun of this romantic-rainy-night dining experience is running to and from the car to get to the restaurant! Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.....

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grand Opening for The Melting Pot is Wednesday, January 13th!

We have one week until the Grand Opening for our newest restaurant addition to the Citadelle Plaza, but who's counting? EVERYONE IS! We haven't seen this much excitement for an opening of a restaurant in the Valley in a long, long time. You may be asking yourself, why has The Melting Pot stirred it up so much. Well, I'd like to share a personal story that I think reflects why people have such an emotional tie to this restaurant.

The year was 2000 and at the time my husband and I were working long hours. Our three children ranged in age from 12-16 years old, so needless to say, the household was hectic. Trying to get everyone together to enjoy each others' company was a difficult task at best. And spending quality time with the parents was not considered high on the list for the kids!

My middle son's birthday was coming up and I asked if he would like to go out to a nice dinner with the family to celebrate. He said, "Yes, so long as we can go to The Melting Pot!" Now, I'm not sure how he knew about the restaurant, but the suggestion was fine with me...I love The Melting Pot. I made reservations for a Friday night.

My oldest son complained the whole time driving to the restaurant. My 12-year old daughter was sulking in the backseat of the car. My husband was silent trying to drown the noise with the music from the car radio. And then it happened....

We walked into the Scottsdale restaurant. The lighting was soft and the hostess seemed so friendly as she led us back to a cozy booth. Suddenly, the kids starting talking about their day and we discussed the day's current topics. Everyone was cordial to each other. The conversation continued as we enjoyed the slow process of fondue cooking. Below the table, I pinched myself! We had finally found a place that everyone loved and allowed us to spend some quality time together. The birthday chocolate fondue arrived at the table and Laura blurted out, "From now on, let's spend all our birthday dinner celebrations at The Melting Pot!"

This is a story and a sentiment I hear often about this restaurant. We have been hearing similar stories from people who have been attending the Twilight Farmers Markets each Wednesday for the past six months, too. So, at 4:30 PM next Wednesday, The Melting Pot officially opens their doors to the public. Come and reserve your favorite booth today and enjoy some of the best dining in town! You'll be glad you did!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Citadelle Plaza is in the Holiday Spirit!

Everywhere you looked last night during the Twilight Farmers Market, people were in a festive. Holiday mood! There were plenty of Santa hats and children dressed in their Holiday clothes for their picture with Santa Claus. The weather was beautiful and the folks were out in droves, buying the food for holiday dinners, picking up the gifts the vendors had made and shopped the boutique stores for their Holiday purchases. (I think a couple of lucky ladies are getting some beautiful jewelry selections bought at the AMG jewelry and design store last night, too!)

Rein-Dog was standing guard at the Alaskan Pride Seafood booth. Everyone stops to pet him, which makes him one very happy Lab!

The children were very busy writing their wish lists to Santa with Mrs. Claus last night. It's down to serious requests now, as you can see below (written exactly as the children write them!)

1) Dear Santa, I know you are busy but if you happen to read this list it would make me very happy. 1) sea monkeys 2) a nutcracker 3) and shoes. Love, Abbey

2) Dear Santa, I want a ipod touch. From, Lucas

3) Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a baby penguin webkinz. I also want My Sims Agents game for DS. Another thing is a American girl outfit back to school set. Have a Merry Christmas, Love Marisa DiCaro

4) miskos Santas, We would love a trampoline. Love, Sissy

5) Dear Santa, Kyla wants a tricycle! Love, Kyla

6) Datis kit and pony that (don't worry...Santa knows!) Love, Samantha

This group is from our future soldiers?!.......

7) Call of duty Modern warfare, paint ball gun, assin creed 1 & 2, Fallout 3 Call of Duty & world of war games. Tyler Chesley

8) I want Pokemon rumble and nerf machine gun and the Sims 3 and a pogo stick and a pocket rocket. Tanner

9) I want a shot gun and a paint ball gun and I want a sniper rifle and a pogo stick. Jacob Nesler

10) To Santa: I want a laser car and a gun (here's a picture of me and my gun..It's a bear!) Noah

Sometimes, sisters stick together when writing to Santa:

11) I want a pet shop mall and a bunk bed with my sister and stich wants lelo. We both want a puppy. Love, Rayelyn & Payeton

12) Dear Santa, Cinderella. Love, Addison PS: A little Cinderella for my baby sister Tabitha

Some kids want to first tell Santa just how good they've been this year. hmmmm.....

13) Hi Santa, This is Anabel. I've been good. popcorn is yummy.

14) Dear Santa, My name is Ethan Cohrs. I have been nice this year. I would like a transformer skids and side swipe transformers 2 game, a monster truck game for DS, playstation 2 remote control, Dodge Viper remote control, some army gies.

15) Dear Santa, My name is Ava Cohrs and I have been very good this year. I would like a stuffed wolf, a hotel for my Barbies, a teddy bear, a Ballerina Barbie, a dress up dress, and new Christmas earrings. Ava

Lots of letters have really cool pictures drawn for Santa:

16) Dear Santa, I want a climbing car. (Heart) Alexi King

17) Dear Santa Claus, I want a noyw bike and I want a movie Planit 51 (with a picture of both!) From: Lauren Maza

Some letters are just beautifully-drawn pictures from:

Astholo. Beckham (cool Cowboy!), Isabelle (bike & cat), Scarlett, Kelton (happy person), a tree from JM (I think!), Taylor, Camila, Gilbert (fast airplane), Alex, Johnny (Christmas tree with a bright star on top), Sarah Webster (snowman) AND several drawings from our future Abstract Artists!

Also, we have:

18) Dolly. Eliza

19) Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a gtar and a wii. From, Xavier

20) Dear Santa, I want a webkinz. Gianna

21) Hy Santa. My name is Dylak. I want roller skates and a football or a motor skooter. Thank you. Love, Dylak

22) AC, Cowboy plays. Aoolays

23) DS and a bug toy. Alana

24) Dear Santa, Here is a list of things I want: 1) make-up 2) clothes 3) baby dolls and Barbie dolls (Say, did you know there is a very special Barbie Doll shop in the Vivaldi Hair Suites, located on the second floor at the Citadelle Plaza? Call them to find out more! , store directory has their number).

25) Dear Santa, I want a phone, Ipod touch, gifts cards & money.

Still, other children wish for less materialistic items in these letters:

26) Dear Santa, All I want is snow. Yes, snow and for my four front teeth, too! And that is all I want and yes, I am sure. Amelia

27) Dear Santa, Happy Christmas, Santa. Have a good Christmas. From, Amber

28) Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is for Jeremy to be home and happy. Thanks, Ann

A couple of the letters I suspect Mom and Dad may have helped! hmmmmm.....

29) Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a pair of roller skates and a pair of black and brown high heels about an inch and a half. thanks a lot. Love, Zare Naylor

30) Dear Santa, I would like a car (name too hard to read; hmmmmm.....)

And my favorite letter:

31) Dear Santa, Do you want anything for Christmas? If so, write back. Love, Sydney.

I just love these letters and hope everyone gets what they wish for!

Now, for next week's Twilight Market, why don't we all wear our favorite Holiday clothes! You know, borrow that crazy Christmas sweater from your Mom's closet (like these girls below did!)

We have a wonderful choir and 3-piece instruments playing your favorite carols on the main stage. Let's all plan to sing-along with them. The local farmers will be bringing their produce for you to buy for your Holiday meals and the artisan bakers are doing the baking for you, too! Finally, bring your unwrapped gifts for our Gifts of Hope Toy Drive. Many children will go without toys this season if we all aren't generous with our donations!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

State Farm Hosts a Holiday Open House Today!

One of our newest tenants in the Citadelle Plaza is the State Farm Insurance group. Today, from 4-8 PM, they open their doors for some "good neighbor" fun, some delicious food and drink. All are welcome and you'll want to stop by, as this is one delightful group of people! Plus, I hear they are giving away some great door prizes tonight, as well. Now, isn't that just like what a good neighbor would do!

The details for this special event are written in the invitation above and feel free to give Corine a call if you have any questions or need directions. The open house is conveniently scheduled so that you can also stop by the Twilight Farmers Market to get some local, farm-fresh produce, some grass-fed beef, fresh eggs, some goat cheese and some homemade desserts that allow you to step out of the kitchen a little more this year! Finally, AMG jewelry, Haute C Boutique, Varo's Mens Boutique, Zethina's make-up & skincare and Indulge Salon & MedSpa all have terrific items to complete your Holiday shopping. It's really one-stop shopping in Glendale, at its best!

Bring the kids to get their picture taken with Santa and write their letters with Mrs. Claus, too. There's no line to contend with and there's free hot chocolate for those chilly little hands!

See you soon......

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